Emanuela de Franceschi 
Biographical notes  
I was born in Rome and I live and have my atelier, nearby, in the  Castelli Romani area. 
I graduated in literature, and through the years I have cherished my passion for art, alongside my professional activity. I have frequented the ateliers of artists such as Melchorre Melis and Silvio Bicchi, and  the “ Scuola Libera del Nudo” (Free School of Nude) at the “Accademia Romana di Arti Figurative”, (Rome Academy of Figurative Arts), the  “Scuola Romana di Fumetto” (Rome School of Comics). 
I make use of various different techniques.. 
I started as a figurative painter, but lately I became interested in the study of decomposition, fragmentation, movement of figures. 
Images that become fragmented and then recompose, keep repeating and in the canvas space search to interweave a dialogue with other figures that at the same time are identical and different since colours and other materials often intercept and fracture them. I am looking for a relationship and an equilibrium in their composition. 
The images classicism urges me to look for a new language that would connect them to the contemporary. 
I use as materials acrylic and oil colours, acrylic pastes, mineral pigments, glass fragments, gold leaf